New report on Mexico

news - 2 FEB 2017
André Lundvall

Of Mexico's total exports, 80 per cent goes to the USA. The USA election result has created uncertainty between the countries, in particular with regard to trade and migration issues.

EKN’s André Lundvall comments on uncertainty in Mexico

“While developments in the USA create uncertainty, there are positive signs for development in Mexico.”

 “President Peña Nieto’s comprehensive reform package ‘Pact for Mexico’ has in recent years been implemented to a large extent within historically protected sectors such as education, labour market, energy and telecomms. Several steps have therefore been taken to open up for investment and increased competition.”

A new EKN report (available to download from the column on the right) describes developments in Mexico. On 1 February 2017 André Lundvall discussed Mexico on the Swedish news channel EFN.