12 APR 2018 - News

EKN Online unavailable from 13 until 15 April

Please be advised that EKN Online will be unavailable from 13-04-2018 17:00 (CET) until 15-04-2018 17:00 (CET) due to system maintenance. Also the website and emails could be affected during this period.
7 FEB 2018 - Press release

Belarus and Croatia are upgraded – Oman is downgraded

Following a new analysis, EKN is now changing the country risk category of Belarus from 7 to 6, of Croatia from 5 to 4 and of Oman from 3 to 4. “We have seen many more upgrades than downgrades the last year. This shows that the economic boom is global,” says Stefan Karlsson, Head of EKN’s Risk Advisory Unit.
5 FEB 2018 - Press release

The risk of doing business in Iran is falling

Iran has paid off its debts from the sanction years. The country is nearly free of debt. The oil price has gone up. And there is also healthy growth in sectors other than oil and gas. These factors reduce the risk of trading with Iran. “Iran is, therefore, being upgraded from country risk category 6 to category 5,” says Victor Carstenius, EKN’s country analyst for Iran.
5 FEB 2018 - News

Increase in Swedish exports to Iran

The USA and President Trump indicating their intention to withdraw from the nuclear energy deal creates concern regarding the possibilities of trade with Iran. At the same time, Swedish exports to Iran continue to increase, and EKN is of the opinion that payments are working well enough for the country’s risk level to improve.
23 JAN 2018 - Press release

EKN appoints Chief Credit Officer

EKN has appointed Peter Tuving as Chief Credit Officer and head of the Risk Advisory and CSR department. He is responsible for the quality assurance, development and streamlining of EKN’s credit analysis, sustainability analysis and country analysis.
8 JAN 2018 - News

The trade of the future is global

Sustainable business is possible even on difficult markets. Sustainability is also beneficial from a commercial perspective. These are the conclusions drawn by Karin Wessman, EKN’s sustainability expert, and the sustainability panel which she moderated at GTR Nordic in Stockholm on 16 November 2017. Karin answers three questions about the panel discussion:
8 JAN 2018 - News

Continued growth in global trade in 2018

Strong growth in Asia, recovery in Europe and increased demand from North America will contribute to continued growth in global trade over the next year. This creates opportunities for Swedish exports.


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