Business Area: Large Corporates

This business area works with exporting companies with a turnover of over SEK 5 billion, and for banks participating in these transactions.

  • Team Infrastructure and telecom: mobile, broadband and fixed networks, transmission of electricity, power generation, healthcare, equipment for pulp and paper industry, defence materials.
  • Team Mining and commodities: mining equipment, food technology, dairy equipment.
  • Team Transport & construction: vehicles, construction equipment.
  • Team New Customers:responsible for new customers. 
Marie Aglert
Kjell Forsberg
Joakim Ellergren
Kristina Soto
New customers
Lotta Danielsson
Hilda Hellgren
Andreas Lennmarker
Charlotte Åkesson
Infrastructure and telecom
Johan Hestréus
Klas Beijer
Sofia Björkegren
Nina Börjemalm
Oscar Entrambasaguas
Katarina Hirsch
Synnöwe Krensler
Ove Nyström
Frédéric Petersson
Niclas Ringblom
Ulrika Sernbrandt
Marc Strahm
Anja Wåhlström
Mining and commodities
Lotta Danielsson
Alexandre Baillet
Mikaela Edström
Anna Forslind
Andreas Jarl
Iryna Kachanovska
Maria Mattsson
Michael Regmert
Malin Tegnér Larsen
Victor Widing
Transport and construction
Camilla Dannerljung
Axel Edgren
Betty Förlin
Per Hansson
Christina Karlsson
Mikael Mikko
Ida Montgomery
Kristian Orrbeck
Yvonne Rosenqvist
David Rosvall
Mia Östervall